Dose of Cuteness

Hedgie had a nice warm oatmeal bath today along with a good nail clipping. He loves to snuggle in the towel after his bath until he is dry.


Hedgie was so into his after bath treats that he could care less that Lightning was trying to sniff his backside.


Yummy yummy cat treats. I think the cats were jealous that the hedgehog got treats and they didn’t. Emmerson to the rescue with a cat treat, or 30, for each of the felines.


Love this photo of the grimacing hedgehog.


New Cage Bedding

Hedgie has been on the stinky side lately. He runs a lot at night and his wheel is terribly dirty. He has been getting bathed more frequently to combat the walking in the poopy wheel. We just switch to pine shavings vs the fleece liners we have been using in his cage. It really cuts down on the odor from the wheel because he does a lot more exploring in his cage instead of JUST running on his wheel. He seems happier! With the winter upon us he is up around 7-8pm and not going to sleep until 7-8am! He loves to relocate the wood shavings and make piles and nests.