New Cage Bedding

Hedgie has been on the stinky side lately. He runs a lot at night and his wheel is terribly dirty. He has been getting bathed more frequently to combat the walking in the poopy wheel. We just switch to pine shavings vs the fleece liners we have been using in his cage. It really cuts down on the odor from the wheel because he does a lot more exploring in his cage instead of JUST running on his wheel. He seems happier! With the winter upon us he is up around 7-8pm and not going to sleep until 7-8am! He loves to relocate the wood shavings and make piles and nests.

Growing Up

Well, I am getting bigger and bigger every day. I am hedgehog! Hear me roar! Or spin in my wheel at night, all night. I love mealworms and cat food. I DO NOT love when the cats try to climb on my cage… I go HUFFY HUFFY HUFFY!

I like to knock the pingpong ball off of the cylinder toy. When I do I get a mealworm!


More Self Anointing

Today we fed Hedgie Apples. He wasn’t really interested in them but offered up some self anointing for his smelling pleasure.

Playtime trying to find his mealworm!

B is working on hand feeding treats. So far so good.

A play pen solution has kept the pooping hedgehog off the carpets! Hedgie likes to burry himself in the towel, hide in the kleenex box, get his head stuck in the papertowel tube.

He is a fantastic pet and his temperment is getting better each day. Just wish he wouldn’t poo whenever I, Laurie, hold him!

Hedgehog playtime stimulation

To give his owner more ability to play we have been putting him in the empty bathtub with Hedgie!

Hedgie likes the added exploration time and extra toys he gets to use while supervised.

We have also been playing hide and seek with mealworms and grasshoppers for Hedgie! He has quite an acute sense of smell.

B is also reading to Hedgie. This weeks title “Hedgie Blasts off”. Hope it doesn’t encourage Hedgie to enter the space program!