Hedgie has been grumpy the last few days but was ready to play and explore a bit today. Breighton picked some of his Thresher’s things for Hedgie to explore.

The hat is one of those they serve ice cream in.

Priceless smirk! Silly hedgehog!

Then B wanted Hedgie to meet Phinley!
So far so good!

Uh oh!!! Phinley must smell yummy!!

Trying to eat his leg!!

Vicious attack on the shark!

Maybe they will end up being pals?

Warming Up to People

Hedgie allowed Breighton to scratch his chin today. Normally he only allows me, Laurie, that pleasure.

Exploring the room.

Breighton is getting more comfortable each day. It is a bit hard to get used to the spines when your skin is so soft! 🙂 At least that is his excuse. No biting today!

Hungry little guy. He didn’t seem to like his “made for hedgehog” food so we are mixing it will Wellness Light cat food, which he LOVES! There is a dried grasshopper in there for a little snack!

The evil eye from Thunder. He doesnt understand why good smelling food is near that pokey thing!

Meeting My Siblings?

I am not sure what to think of these large furry things. I balled up to see if they’d go away. The brown one, who I have been told is named Thunder, is a really good backwards jumper! I balled up and he showed his talent and launched himself back about 3 feet!


Oddly, the felines had little interest in me, which I guess is good!


Kitties just wanted pet not poked!



Okay, I am over all this new stuff and smells.


Oh, banana!


Happy Pooping Hedgehog

Hedgie seems content and happy. He has been with us for officially one week. He is a regular poop factory. Today he peed on the cloth while Breighton was holding him. We are using the same fleece scraps for his cage as handling him. Maybe he thought it was his bedding? Maybe he is a hedgehog?May need to reevaluate this choice for homding him.

We are getting used to the fact that if the hedgehog is in motion he poops. Not so glamourous!

But he is cute and he givea a littlw signal of lurching forward before he goes #2! We can now catch most dropping in a tissue.

After Breighton’s holding time he passes of to Mom for a while. Mom is working on touching his cheeks, feet and belly.

New Home

David is busy working on getting Hedgie’s new habitat set up while we are still in North Carolina a few more days. We opted for a larger cage to allow Hedgie lots of space to explore. We need to buy fleece for the bottom when we get home but other than that it is pretty much good to go.

David will venture to Ikea and purchase a table for the cage to sit on, as this little table just doesnt work right.

Nail Clipping 101

Hedgie’s nails were a bit on the longish side so after much hesitation and research we opted to trim them tonight. First we gave Hedgie a little water playtime.

After the warm water he relaxed a bit and let me hold a little leg and snip the nails. Seriously, have you ever tried to clip something so small and wiggly! Let alone wo SPINES! It was NO easy task! It involved braving my comfort zone and holding Hedgie with his spines in my hand. It actually wasn’t that bad!

After the deed was done, Hedgie enjoyed some warm blankets and snuggle rubs to help him dry off.

He also got a strawberry as a treat!

Which resulted in a foaming mouth, body contorting and some serious self anointing!

Happy little guy who now smells like strawberry scented foamy slime!

Who said owning a hedgehog would be glamourous!

Hedgehog Crafting

When we were in St Louis at the City Museum we hung out with Ms. Marion, The Snowflake Lady. Ms. Marion creates all sorts of fun snowflake designs! She even has many published books, of which we own about 6 or 7. Anyway, she helped convert a spiney fish into a hedgehog. This is the only hedgehog snowflake in the world, well at least we think so!

A close up of the hedgehog.

The amazing Ms. Marion!

Breighton also made a quill jar. Sadly, he stepped on the bottom half. We will have to rebuild one when we get home.

So for now the quills/ spines stay in a little plastic bag.