Welcome Hedgie

We got thos lovely email from Breighton at camp. Mind you, Breighton has never emailed home…ever… from camp.

Dear Mom,
Can we adopt a hedghog? Because we can adopt different animals here at camp.

There was a follow-up email to Dad as well.

After a phone call to camp to make sure this is a valid adoptable pet… we said yes!

This is where our adventure begins… Life with Hedgie.

Hedgie is apx 7 weeks old and weighs around 4oz. We will get a better weight soon. He is an African Pygmy hedgehog. He is pinto colored. Full grown he can be around 1 pound.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Hedgie”

  1. I still don’t see the hedghog snowflake. You should post it. Nobody else in the world has a hedghog snowflake!

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