Hedgie Bath and Play

Hedgie had a fantastic day. After reading many blogs, articles and whatnots it was determined that Breighton should start by holding Hedgie on a towel or fleece cloth until he is a bit more comfy. Hedgie like this idea greatly and really opened up tonight.

Hedgie actually was SO calm he let us pet him very gently.

Hedgie has been a bit icky since his car throw up and pooping in his house while traveling. We decided tonight was a good night for a bath. Of course like any baby he made a little dropping on the sink. Don’t worry Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie we washed the sink and sanitized well when we finsihed.

After hos quick rinse we dryed him the best we cold and he really perked up!

One happy kiddo with his hedgehog. B wanted to hold hold and hold some more. The clothes really helped him overcome his fear of the spines/quills. B collected about 10 spines/quills tonight to put into his Hedgie Quill Pottery he made at City Museum in Missouri. We will take a photo of that tomorrow.

Grandma Jo even held Hedgie.

Mommy tried to get Hedgie to peak and lay on his back. No luck with this yet. No nipping today. The closer to dark outside the less he seems to nip.

We boughg some remnant no pill fleece today. It makes a nicer liner than the towel we were using. We will have to make some for his mansion when we get back to Florida. Daddy is busy coordinating the new cage while we are out of town. Thanks Daddy!

Hedgie loves his house and his tube. He will need a bigger tube before long as he barely makes it through now. We need to weigh Hedgie soon too.

Learning a lot. Loving him greatly. Glad to see the boy (Breighton) smiling more instead or wincing in pain and fear.

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