Sir Hedgington

Hedgie didn’t throw any parties today. We shall see what night brings.

Today Laurie worked with Hedgie on his back a little more. He was much more receptive today.

Almost a hello?

Hedgie saying STOP with the darn flash persons!

Trying to unroll.

Almost there…

Victory! Followed by lots of huffing. Hedgehogs HUFF!

Time for play with the Laurie.

Hedgie the hedgehog actually started purring? He was super relaxed and purred a few mintues then fell asleep in my hand.

Snack break!

Habitat all prepped for Hedgie’s evening party!

We still need to do more research on litter traning. It is a bit hard with the small litter pan. Maybe it will work with a large one better? Also, we have seen videos of people clipping their hedgehogs nails. We want to figure out how to get Hedgie comfy enough to allow at to happen!

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