No Disco Inferno

Hedgie had an odd night. Well, odd for him in his almost first week with us. Before we went to bed he dumped his water bowl onto his food bowl and was walking around his cage very upset. He was quiet last night compared to the previous few. When we got up today his cage wasnt destroyed. There was no poop strewn about. Upon closer inspection and working around a VERY huffy hedgehog he kept the majority of his poopies in his house. Breighton noticed more spines on the fleece liner. He counted almost 30! That is the most Hedgie has lost in a night yet. Usually it is 3-4 at most that we find.

We read online that when hedgehogs quill they can be a pill! Well, Hedgie seems to fit this catagory this morning. Tonight’s holding session will have to be extra super fun for him. Maybe some new treats. We need to trim his nails and we think we know how we just have to get Hedgie to cooperate!

So quilling hedgehogs are grumpy!

Self-anointing is a strange behavior. Hedgie has only done this one. We are going to feed him a strawberry or banana tonight and see if he does it again!

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