Feeling Better

We bought a heating mat for under Hedgie’s cage. Our house temp is around 78F during the day but with Breighton’s door closed at night his room drops to 70-72. To ensure Hedgie is comfy he has some added warmth.

Hedgie has had loose stool for a few days. It corrosponds with switching from low grade kibble to a higher grade Wellness formula. He refused to eat the old kibble pnce the new was introduced. He is eating and gaining weight still. In fact he is just shy of 12 ounces! Wow… hedgehogs grow quickly! He is drinking plenty of water and seems to be acting himself. We are waiting it out and hoping this is just from the new food.

Today we gave him a warm bath to clean him up a bit. He poops when he runs in his wheel and that leaves quite a mess when he is looser than usual.

Hedgie looks sad here but he is wet from his bath and snuggling in the towel.

All dry and ready to run, and poop, around.

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