Growing Up

Well, I am getting bigger and bigger every day. I am hedgehog! Hear me roar! Or spin in my wheel at night, all night. I love mealworms and cat food. I DO NOT love when the cats try to climb on my cage… I go HUFFY HUFFY HUFFY!

I like to knock the pingpong ball off of the cylinder toy. When I do I get a mealworm!


More Self Anointing

Today we fed Hedgie Apples. He wasn’t really interested in them but offered up some self anointing for his smelling pleasure.

Playtime trying to find his mealworm!

B is working on hand feeding treats. So far so good.

A play pen solution has kept the pooping hedgehog off the carpets! Hedgie likes to burry himself in the towel, hide in the kleenex box, get his head stuck in the papertowel tube.

He is a fantastic pet and his temperment is getting better each day. Just wish he wouldn’t poo whenever I, Laurie, hold him!

Hedgehog playtime stimulation

To give his owner more ability to play we have been putting him in the empty bathtub with Hedgie!

Hedgie likes the added exploration time and extra toys he gets to use while supervised.

We have also been playing hide and seek with mealworms and grasshoppers for Hedgie! He has quite an acute sense of smell.

B is also reading to Hedgie. This weeks title “Hedgie Blasts off”. Hope it doesn’t encourage Hedgie to enter the space program!

Feeling Better

We bought a heating mat for under Hedgie’s cage. Our house temp is around 78F during the day but with Breighton’s door closed at night his room drops to 70-72. To ensure Hedgie is comfy he has some added warmth.

Hedgie has had loose stool for a few days. It corrosponds with switching from low grade kibble to a higher grade Wellness formula. He refused to eat the old kibble pnce the new was introduced. He is eating and gaining weight still. In fact he is just shy of 12 ounces! Wow… hedgehogs grow quickly! He is drinking plenty of water and seems to be acting himself. We are waiting it out and hoping this is just from the new food.

Today we gave him a warm bath to clean him up a bit. He poops when he runs in his wheel and that leaves quite a mess when he is looser than usual.

Hedgie looks sad here but he is wet from his bath and snuggling in the towel.

All dry and ready to run, and poop, around.


Hedgie has been grumpy the last few days but was ready to play and explore a bit today. Breighton picked some of his Thresher’s things for Hedgie to explore.

The hat is one of those they serve ice cream in.

Priceless smirk! Silly hedgehog!

Then B wanted Hedgie to meet Phinley!
So far so good!

Uh oh!!! Phinley must smell yummy!!

Trying to eat his leg!!

Vicious attack on the shark!

Maybe they will end up being pals?

Warming Up to People

Hedgie allowed Breighton to scratch his chin today. Normally he only allows me, Laurie, that pleasure.

Exploring the room.

Breighton is getting more comfortable each day. It is a bit hard to get used to the spines when your skin is so soft! 🙂 At least that is his excuse. No biting today!

Hungry little guy. He didn’t seem to like his “made for hedgehog” food so we are mixing it will Wellness Light cat food, which he LOVES! There is a dried grasshopper in there for a little snack!

The evil eye from Thunder. He doesnt understand why good smelling food is near that pokey thing!

Meeting My Siblings?

I am not sure what to think of these large furry things. I balled up to see if they’d go away. The brown one, who I have been told is named Thunder, is a really good backwards jumper! I balled up and he showed his talent and launched himself back about 3 feet!


Oddly, the felines had little interest in me, which I guess is good!


Kitties just wanted pet not poked!



Okay, I am over all this new stuff and smells.


Oh, banana!