Nail Clipping 101

Hedgie’s nails were a bit on the longish side so after much hesitation and research we opted to trim them tonight. First we gave Hedgie a little water playtime.

After the warm water he relaxed a bit and let me hold a little leg and snip the nails. Seriously, have you ever tried to clip something so small and wiggly! Let alone wo SPINES! It was NO easy task! It involved braving my comfort zone and holding Hedgie with his spines in my hand. It actually wasn’t that bad!

After the deed was done, Hedgie enjoyed some warm blankets and snuggle rubs to help him dry off.

He also got a strawberry as a treat!

Which resulted in a foaming mouth, body contorting and some serious self anointing!

Happy little guy who now smells like strawberry scented foamy slime!

Who said owning a hedgehog would be glamourous!

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